PhD Program

The Department of Design offers robust full-time and part-time Ph.D. programmes which can be inter-disciplinary in nature. The Ph.D. program encourages researching design from multiple perspectives such as Technology, Humanities, Management, Sociology, Psychology, etc. to name a few  domains.

The Department of Design offers opportunities in the following Research domains pertaining to Design: Industrial Design, Product Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design, Communication Design, Applied Ergonomics and Human Factors in Design, Universal and Inclusive Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Design Automation, Materials & Design, Design for Product Life-Cycle, Art & Design, Product Aesthetics, Digital.

Media & Design, Design & Culture, Animation, Film making, Digital Heritage, Neuro-cognitive aspects of Creativity, Creativity and Innovation, Design Theory & Methodology, Design Policy, Design Strategy, and Design Management.

Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

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