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Welcome Design And Innovation Lab For Village-Level Entrepreneurs @ IIT Delhi


DIVINE Lab or Design and Innovation in Villagepreneurs' Indigenous Network Ecosystem was inaugurated on 28th December 2020 with a vision to provide Design and Innovation solutions to the Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) working under the Common Service Centres (CSCs). Common Services Centre (CSC) is a SPV under the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The DIVINE lab is funded by CSC. The lab provides opportunities to students and entrepreneurs to work together on the problems and opportunities at the village level. Students get to visit the village level entrepreneurs and observe the needs and challenges. VLEs get to interact with the IITD ecosystem to identify opportunities of enhancement of their services and products. All the interested are invited to join hands to fulfil this important mission. You can write an email to the lab incharge, Prof. Jyoti Kumar at  jyoti@design.iitd.ac.in if you have an idea or are iterated to work with us.

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