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Aakash Johry

Assistant Professor

Department of Design





Aakash Johry is a design educator, researcher and practitioner, focusing on design of engaging, fun and playful products, experiences and systems. His research looks into the affective and experiential layers of user experience in the context of play, learning and health. He has been involved in multiple international design research projects in Europe and India, on the themes of learning, design education, play and inclusion.


Prior to joining the Department of Design at IIT Delhi, Aakash was a postdoctoral scholar at the Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. He has worked as an associate faculty and co-coordinator of the Toy and Game Design department at National Institute of Design (NID). Aakash has also been involved as a guest faculty at the Play Design programme at Design School Kolding, Denmark.


Aakash has a PhD in design from IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay where his work looked into generative playfulness dimensions of play artefacts for differently abled children. Prior to this, he has earned a Masters in Design (M.Des.) from Design Programme, IIT Kanpur and Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech.) in mechanical engineering from IIIT Jabalpur.


Areas of interest:

• Playful learning / Experiential learning

• Serious games (e.g. games that support health and wellness, citizen science,

   behavior change, etc.)

• Interactive media and spaces

• Design research and thinking (special focus on tools for  design researchers;

   theory-informed design research)

• Design for marginalized populations


Information for PhD applicants:

Interested candidates may consider the above-mentioned areas of research interest. Interested PhD applicants are encouraged to get in touch via email, explaining your interest in a short (1-2 pages) research proposal, including the following sections:

1. What is your research about?

2. Why is the research important?

3. How will you conduct your research?

4. What will be the outcomes of the research?

5. Why are you interested in pursuing this research now?






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