Continuing Education programme (CEP) are outreach programme offered by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi to various organizations, engineers, planners, technology forecasters, technology developers, management thinkers and corporate leaders. A range of short term courses, long term courses, seminars and various certificate programmes are conducted as part of such outreach programme. Department of Design supports this programme by offering similar short term certificate courses to design professionals.


DOD also is a part of the Quality Improvement Programme (QIP), that was launched by Government of India in 1970. The main objective of the programme is to upgrade the expertise and capabilities of teachers of the AICTE approved degree-level engineering institutions, National Institutes of Technology (NITs) of the country. Major activities under the QIP programme:


1. Degree Programmes (Masters and Ph.D.): Under this scheme, faculty member of AICTE approved institutions are given opportunity to upgrade their qualifications through paid scholarships and contingency grant by the Council.


2. Short Term Courses: A number of short term courses are organized under QIP for the benefit of the faculty members from different institutions in the emerging areas to encourage interdisciplinary learning


3. Curriculum Development Cell Activities: The curriculum development cells were set up to organise seminars, workshops and inter-institutional programmes related to development of methodologies for formal and informal training.


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